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Urban Farmhouse – 2017 Parade of Homes

5,104 Square Feet (5 Bedrooms / 5 Bathrooms)

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This Urban Farmhouse design is like a new adventure but is still comforting in its familiarity. It is an updated look inspired by a classic style with a perfect open floor plan—one that is both beautiful and welcoming. Backpacks immediately hitting the floor when kids arrive home from school and party guests that always end up in the kitchen, are just a few of the real-life reasons that factored into this choice for the young family who calls it home.

Through the front door, this house exudes a refreshingly urbane attitude. An extended foyer with a gallery affords direct views into the main living area. It is the perfect beginning, but don’t stop there; room after room will welcome you with unexpected details and clever juxtapositions of architectural elements and design. There is so much to see to keep you interested and keep you wanting more.

This home was designed as a family retreat where memories are cataloged and walking in brings a sense of peace and a longing never to leave again. With luxurious materials and new architectural influences, this style is back—mixed and twisted a turn or two and making it anything but dated. It is truly a design that is All About Home.


With a progressive vision and a young couple who wanted a fresh and hip design, interior designer Karen Jones made a stylish design segue for them to a streamlined cleaner look. Using a subtle gray as the go-to-neutral and enlisting black and white to bridge the gap between classic and new, this home is everything warm and inviting. Unexpected touches including bold patterned wallpapers and signature trim work drenched in crisp white paint keep the eye entertained throughout.

The furniture and fabrics are transitional. Mixed materials and textures enhance the look and make the home interesting and unpredictable. Each room has its own personality but they all flow together naturally. Leaving no detail unattended, this carefully edited design speaks volumes about casual elegance in a home where life is a constant ebb and flow of family and friends.