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Mountain Modern at Millhaven – 2018 Parade of Homes

5,534 Square Feet (4 Bedrooms / 4.5 Bathrooms)

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About The Home

There are some places that resonate so deeply with us that we feel an immediate affinity with them whenever they come to mind. A contented sense of absolute joy that stirs our hearts. This amazing new look at a mountain-style home infuses its owner’s modern aesthetic design sense with a strong love of the outdoors and memories of summers spent at camp from long ago.

Looking at the home from the street, surrounded by tall trees and windows that touch the floor, may suggest nature is our only muse, but, walk in on beautiful plank floors, loads of wide white trim, unfussy but elegant wallpapers and alternates of dark and light shiplap, and you will recognize edited sophistication at its best. At every turn, you will see rooms that will surprise and delight with views that will inspire and small details that make a big difference. As you turn the corner from one room to another, there are things that will cause you to pause and take a second look. A beautiful great room surrounded on three sides by decks and views, a kitchen with two large islands and prep area, a secluded master suite, a teenage sleep-over room, and even a place for washing and grooming one of the family’s favorite members are just a few of the areas we look forward to you seeing.

Subtle but stylish, warm and inviting, this family home is designed to be a place where unforgettable memories will be made and where children and parents will stay connected. A gracious lifestyle of happiness and thanks giving that is truly All About Home.


Interior designer Karen Jones believes that the secret to creating memorable interiors is by deepening the connection between her clients and their homes. It is learning what they want, and not as much what she wants for them. This beautiful house is designed specifically for the owners that call it home. The tailored-chic interior melds with more elaborate art and designer wall coverings to give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Muted hues, relaxed styling, mixed metals, and weathered and patinaed materials combine to form this quieted look. Industrial touches like brick walls, black windows and metal stair railings give it an edge.

Design is like mixology: put in different ingredients and shake up something amazing. Mix styles, casual with formal, traditional with modern—to create something that feels fresh and brand new. Designed as a place for gracious living, this home is a must see both inside and out.